High Pressure Laminate (HPL)
               HPL   have been  from  under high temperatures 150c and high pressure about 100 kg/cm2. The process involves stacking multiple sheets which have impregnated with
melamine and phenol resins and then dried  onto  one another, for qualified advantage as moisture resistant, high temp resistant and scratch  resistant  easeful  for cleaning,
provides many designs also texture, we recommend to use in furniture industrial.

3 Layer in  HPL
1. Overlay is top layer in  HPL, look like plastic transparent the main advantages Scratch resistant and moisture resistant.
2. Decorative paper is paper have design  appropriate  to furniture industrial such as table, roof and wardrobe etc.
3. Kraft paper is paper plating with special resin the main advantage gives high durable this layer also gives the amount of thickness as result it became hard to break.
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