Melamine Laminated Panel
               Which adding value to raw material seem to worth using, MFC manufacture with raw decorative paper soggy by melamine then using hot-press machine, hence the melamine
surface sharply increases durable and strongly stick to wood well.

               Our melamine laminated panel have plenty of designs  and 9 finishing texture to choose, this made the feeling same as natural wood and will keep your furniture look unique and
elegant. Melamine laminated panel use in many industrial in the interest of abrasion resistant, excellent chemical, water resistant comparing to foil or PVC  laminated panel.

               ES KONCEPT we provide Melamine laminated panel with following substates in all kind of specification including E0, E1, E2 HMR, MUF, ETC.

1. Particle Board (PB)
2. Medium Density Fiber Board (MDF)
3. Plywood
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